The HDE™ Product Suite

Designed for the heavy equipment industry, HDE™ is the only complete mobile undercarriage inspection solution on the market.


(Wear Measurement Device)

The first ultrasonic tool to integrate with a mobile device and calculate wear percent from measurements in one step, WMD® can handle the toughest work conditions.

Clip WMD® hardware onto a tablet and connect via Bluetooth. The battery has a long life for extended use and can be recharged anywhere. The WMD® features a built-in couplant holder, along with power and connectivity indicator lights.

HDE™ Inspection Application

Lose the laptop, clipboard, calculator and reference books—wear tables and historical inspection data are all built in. Data is collected in the field and inspection reports are sent automatically, with a network connection.

HDE™ documents job site and machine conditions with GPS, photographs and notes. It syncs directly to the HDE™ Inspection Manager website.

HDE™ Inspection Manager

Now you can sync your office with field operations for easy access to customer and fleet information. Our HDE™ Web app keeps comprehensive records of equipment performance so you can predict future equipment needs. Use the dispatch features to assign inspections, manage progress and performance, and generate robust inspection reports on your KPIs.

Cloud-based API

(Application Programming Interface)

With Modustri’s cloud database and API you have a communications highway that links everything together. New data is smoothly integrated with existing database systems.