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HDE Product Suite

Ditch your clipboards, paper and pencils. Our mobile, non-destructive testing technology cuts inspection times in half.

Modustri’s WMD® and HDE™ deliver sharper accuracy, simpler processes and useful, actionable data for the N.D.T. (non-destructive testing) industry. You can complete bucket and undercarriage inspection, measurement and analysis in minutes instead of days, in the field. Modustri’s digital tools for measurement, monitoring, tracking and sales let you predict when major parts or components will need repair. And because you can plan proactively, you have less unscheduled downtime.

Introducing Heavy Duty Interactive (HDi) HDI machine

Sensors are the “eyes and ears” of the Internet of Things…

HDi is a suite of sensors that use a hub and node mesh network to create the smartest, most connected equipment in the world. Optimizing and maintaining equipment is among the greatest challenges for heavy equipment managers. Using sensors, Modustri can turn any piece of heavy equipment into a smart, connected machine that predicts maintenance needs, understands operator behavior and optimizes uptime by coaching users on appropriate operation. With every piece of equipment actively measuring and contributing data, Modustri’s best-in-class software analytics can give managers unprecedented visibility, making them smarter, more efficient and cost effective.

Designed for the heavy equipment industry, HDE™ is the only complete mobile undercarriage inspection solution on the market.