Leverage our mobile platform’s field inspection software and ultrasonic testing technology for your company, whatever your industry.

Modustri’s digital technology can be adapted for use in industries with strict requirements for precision measurements and inspection data.


Our mobile platform’s field inspection software simplifies and improves field inspections and the quote process. Customers have the ability to plan repairs more effectively so there’s less downtime. Dealers can increase their focus on customer needs, identifying sales opportunities before the competition arrives.
Field inspection software for the construction industry


Ultrasonic testing technology is widely used in weld inspections and defect testing on auto bodies, engines, rails, rail cars, ships and propulsion systems. Modustri’s precision tools for measurement, monitoring and tracking can be essential to inspection and wear prediction, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtime.
Ultrasonic testing for the transportation industry including rails and rail cars


Public infrastructure assets range from transportation structures to energy, and water management. Whether you’re inspecting a bridge, power plant, or sprinkler system, our ultrasonic testing technology and mobile platform can help extend the life of aging systems and mitigate the costs and challenges of repairs.
Ultrasonic testing for public infrastructure

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