We invent the solutions

you’re looking for.

Modustri’s digital tools for the heavy equipment industry will streamline your day. Toss the clipboards, paper and pencils—our mobile measurement technology products replace it all.

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To help you dust the competition,

we get our boots dirty.

Working closely with end users has helped us cut inspection times in half. We spend as much time in the field as it takes to get to the root of your problem.

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Tomorrow’s successes

aren’t built with yesterday’s tools.

Modustri’s WMD® and HDE™ products deliver sharper accuracy, simpler processes and more useful, actionable data for any N.D.T. industry.

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As an industry leader, Caterpillar expects the best,

we have to make it great.

Check out what Modustri is doing for Caterpillar. Then ask us what we can do for you.

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Our technology platform is a game changer,

whatever industry you play in.

Modustri’s measurement tools are built on a flexible platform that can be adapted to meet the strict needs of your industry.

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